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Passengers expect to go from point A to point B safely. Upon embarking on a bus trip the passenger places his or her fate in the operator’s hands and it a reasonable expectation that the bus driver will take due care of the passenger.

Needless to say, the safety of bus passengers is a major concern of the industry and the traveling public. Passenger injuries result from slips and falls while boarding or leaving the bus, injuries while on board the bus and injuries accessing and leaving the bus stop.

This seminar discussed a number of topics that affect passenger safety:

1. Driver selection and hiring practices

2. Driver behavior and human errorDriver training and retraining

3. Safety programsGuidelines for acceleration, deceleration and sudden turns

4. Right-turn/left-turn and bus stop collisions

5. Design and location of bus stopsVehicle design and safety

6. National standards of passenger care

Link to Web Seminar: http://vimeo.com/44867537